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Basic Course

$ 735
  • 10 Hours In Car
  • 15 Hours Classroom

Premium Course

$ 995
  • 14 Hours In Car
  • 15 Hours Classroom

Ultimate Course

$ 1355
  • 20 Hours In Car
  • 15 Hours Classroom

Brush-up lesson for one session

$ 140
  • 2 hours in-car
  • Road Test Preparation

Brush-up lesson for three session

$ 405
  • 6 hours in-car
  • Road Test Preparation

Brush-up lesson for five session

$ 649
  • 10 hours in-car
  • Road Test Preparation

Car Rental for Road Test BASIC

$ 80
  • Only Car

Car Rental for Road Test ADVANCED

$ 110
  • Only Car

SPACE CUSHION DRIVING as taught By Chinook Driving Academy

Here are 5 simple rules that you can use in almost every driving situation:

1. Aim High in Steering
Look ahead to where you will be at least 15 seconds from now. That’s about a
block to a block and a half at city speeds. On the highway, scan to the horizon.

2. Get the big picture
Eliminate vision barriers by establishing proper following distances. Stay far enough behind other vehicles to obtain the visibility required to make your own decisions.

3. Keep your eyes moving
Keep your eyes moving at least every two seconds. Check your mirrors every four to seven seconds.That is about a block to a block and a half at city speeds.

4. Leave your self an out
Whenever possible, surround your vehicle with space. Choose the proper lane, and adjust your speed accordingly to maintain a space cushion all around your vehicle.
If you lose part of the cushion, work to keep at least the front and one side open. Avoid tailgaters, encourage them to pass.

5. Make sure that they see you
Drive with your lights on, day and night. Get eye to eye contact by using the
warning devices on your vehicle, but don’t take eye contact for granted. Be sure
that your warnings are heeded.

Our Graduates Say

Apparently we had reached a great height in the atmosphere, for the
sky was a black, and the ceased to twinkle. Leave a Review!

An excellent driving school with highly skilled instructors that have a lot of experience. The instructors are patient, supportive and gentle when teaching. The instructor identified my weaknesses and worked on it with me until I got it correct. I would highly recommend Chinook Driving Academy.

Barleen kaur

2 years ago I decided to take my driving classes with this school and I totally like the services, I learned all the possible skills to be an excellent driver. In addition, The instructor was very patience and all his explanations were very clear. This year I decided to come back for 2 hours brush up lessons to be ready for my road test and I got it !! Thanks to my instructor and this excellent service. I will totally recommended to all my friends and family.

Maria José Echeverri Hernández

Both our teenage sons have had excellent instructors with this driving school. Both received their license on their first try after 10 lessons. Special thanks to Ernie and his endless patience and words of encouragement with our youngest. Would highly recommend this driving school.

Grace B

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