About Our Driving School

About Chinook Driving Academy
Chinook Driving Academy is Calgary’s oldest and most professional driving school is owned and Operated by Amit Mehta, (that would be me), has been in the Driver Training industry for over 9 years and has spent most of that time in the car teaching new drivers. I am also personally involved in teaching and monitoring driving instructors. All of our driving instructors are personally taught  my system of Teaching Driving so that each student can be assured of receiving the best, most professional training available anywhere. The Amit Mehta system is not about teaching a different system of driving; although it is certainly a different system than what a lot of drivers are using. Rather, it is about teaching driving in a different way. We use a number of practices that have been proven over time to assist the student in learning to drive quicker, easier and in a more relaxed and natural way. In most cases the student who has had no previous experience with driver training wont really see the difference. They will just know that they are learning to drive, and enjoying doing it.

Ernie A Certified Driving instructor. Born and raised in Calgary with 8 years experience all with Chinook Driving Academy. He is very patient and works well with new drivers to feel relaxed and build confidence while improving on their defensive and safety driving skills.

Chinook Driving Academy is also approved and licensed by the Alberta government as a driving instructor training facility for class 5 driving instructors.

Chinook Driving academy has been serving Calgary for over 63 years and specializes in teaching new drivers.

Teaching new drivers is our primary business and we know how to do it right.

Some of the many principles which form the basis of Chinook Driving Academy’s ‘Space Cushion Driving’ system are: Superior skill and control, a thorough knowledge of rules and regulations, Proper visual habits, Maintaining an adequate space cushion, and Evasive Driving Maneuvers

Superior skill and control
In order to have superior vehicle control, it is simply not enough to know proper steering techniques, you must also understand the techniques which will enable you to use the brake, clutch (if applicable), and the accelerator correctly. In addition to this, you must be in position, and ready, should an emergency situation arise. When vehicle control is practiced correctly, it becomes easy and natural.

Rules and Regulations
It has been estimated that it takes the average beginner about 2 years of driving before they are totally competent in every driving situation. Due to this fact, a thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations is essential.

Proper Visual Habits
Learn to expect the unexpected! Studies show that most collisions can be avoided by the ‘victim’ of the collision, as well as the person who is ‘at fault’. Learn the visual habits which will make it possible for you to see it so that you can avoid it. This also involves having a clear understanding of the mistakes other drivers are likely to make; everyone who drives will make some mistakes! Collision statistics show the same types of collisions happening over and over again. The good news here is that by learning about them, you can learn to anticipate them, and thus, learn to avoid them.

Maintaining a Space Cushion
Whenever you drive, you carry a ‘safety cushion’ of space with you. The moment someone begins to invade this space cushion, you have to reestablish it by adjusting your speed and/or position; this also means that you ensure that you are not invading someone else’s space cushion.

Evasive Driving Maneuvers
In a potential collision situation; you have little time to think. You have to react immediately. You have to know: what to do and how to do it. This involves:

· Recognizing the hazard

· Understanding the defense

· Acting in time

People who have been involved in collisions often tell the authorities, “If only they had not wasted valuable moments deciding what to do, they could have avoided the collision. The ‘Evasive Driving’ section of our program is designed to make knowing what to do as automatic as possible.

Other Topics Covered
Some of the many other topics covered in our comprehensive Space Cushion Driving Program are:
Defensive driving habits, Selective ground search techniques, Seat belts and air bags, Highway and freeway driving, Parallel parking, Hill, angle, and diagonal parking, Avoiding alcohol/driving situations, Winter driving, Skid control, hydroplaning, Blizzards, Towing and Backing with a trailer, Map reading, Safe lane change techniques, Pedestrian safety, Buying & selling a vehicle, Insurance: How to minimize costs, Anti-Lock brakes vs. regular brakes, Vehicle knowledge and maintenance, And much, much more!

The Chinook Driving Academy’s ‘Space Cushion Driving Program’ is designed to save much more than insurance, it is designed to save lives!


Our Graduates Say

Apparently we had reached a great height in the atmosphere, for the
sky was a black, and the ceased to twinkle. Leave a Review!

An excellent driving school with highly skilled instructors that have a lot of experience. The instructors are patient, supportive and gentle when teaching. The instructor identified my weaknesses and worked on it with me until I got it correct. I would highly recommend Chinook Driving Academy.

Barleen kaur

2 years ago I decided to take my driving classes with this school and I totally like the services, I learned all the possible skills to be an excellent driver. In addition, The instructor was very patience and all his explanations were very clear. This year I decided to come back for 2 hours brush up lessons to be ready for my road test and I got it !! Thanks to my instructor and this excellent service. I will totally recommended to all my friends and family.

Maria José Echeverri Hernández

Both our teenage sons have had excellent instructors with this driving school. Both received their license on their first try after 10 lessons. Special thanks to Ernie and his endless patience and words of encouragement with our youngest. Would highly recommend this driving school.

Grace B

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