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Phone: (403) 281-8050 Address: 205, 11625 Elbow Drive SW,Calgary, Alberta, T2W 1G8


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205, 11625 Elbow Drive SW, Calgary, AB. T2W 1G8 (Map) ( Transit )

 (403) 281-8050

Space Cushion Driving For Beginners.

Serving Calgary and area for over 57 years



Offering Day, Evening, and Weekend Lessons


 What is Space Cushion Driving?

 In a nut shell, Whenever you drive you carry a cushion of space with you. If someone begins to invade that space, you adjust your speed or posision to re-establish your cushion of space.

 Here are five basic rules to follow.

 Aim High in Steering
 Keep your chin down and your eyes up (up the road). Look ahead to where you will be at least 15 seconds from now. That's about a
 block to a block and a half at city speeds. On the highway, scan to the horizon.

 Get the big picture
 Eliminate vision barriers by establishing proper following distances. Stay far enough behind other vehicles to obtain the visibility required to makeyour own decisions.

 Keep your eyes moving
 Move your eyes every two seconds. Check your mirrors every four to seven seconds, or when slowing down.

 Leave your self an out
 Whenever possible, surround your vehicle with space. Choose the proper lane, and adjust your speed accordingly to maintain a space cushion all around your vehicle.
 If you lose part of the cushion, work to keep at least the front and one side open. Avoid tailgaters, encourage them to pass.

 Make sure that they see you
 Drive with your lights on, day and night. Get eye to eye contact by using the
 warning devices on your vehicle, but don't take eye contact for granted. Be sure
 that your warnings are heeded. ¤

 The Chinook Driving Academy's 'Space Cushion Driving Program' is designed to save much more than insurance, it is designed to save lives.

 Many additional topics covered in our course are:

Rules and Regulations, Skill and Control, Proper Visual Habits,  Evasive Driving Manouvers, Defensive driving habits, Selective ground search techniques, Seat belts and air bags, Highway and freeway driving, Parallel parking, Hill, angle, and diagonal parking, Avoiding alcohol/driving situations, Winter driving, Skid control, hydroplaning, Blizzards, Safe lane change techniques, Pedestrian safety, Buying & selling a vehicle, Insurance and how to minimize costs, Anti-Lock brakes vs. regular brakes, Vehicle knowledge and maintenance,  A rudimentary understanding of the vehicle, how it works, and basic maintenance items students can do themselves.Under the hood checks, Economical driving, and much, much more!

Here is a free driving tip

Most drivers don't know this yet. If you get stuck in the snow in a car that has traction control, turn the traction control off while trying to get unstuck. Works like a charm.

Once you are unstuck, remember to turn it back on.